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Hello and welcome, my name is Sam and if you are reading this you are interested to know more about me and my services.

I am a photographer based in Mijas, southern Spain. I am fortunate to live in the wonderful province of Andalucia. I was born in Spain with an international mix of English and Chinese parentage.

Photography has always been my passion, this started when I was a young chap, it became my hobby and eventually something I really enjoyed. Throughout my youth, I experienced some health issues and with the ups and downs that accompanied it,  my studies were affected greatly, but throughout this phase of my life, my passion remained to be photography. I never got the chance to attend university, but my studies have been photography and the university of life.

Photography has become not only my passion but my life and my career. I take great pride in my work and am proud to be able to do what I do, it has been an accomplishment for me despite all other things.

I am able to offer a variety of photography services in which I invest my time and passion into, my style and interest is part of my unique service. Living in such a beautiful environment has also enhanced my work and research into photography as a whole.

My work expresses who I am, capturing the moment and the atmosphere, I believe and love natural beauty, everyone is different and has their own inner beauty in some way or another.  I feel that people are at their best in a natural state, this can also apply to pets and outdoor creatures. 

I would be more than welcome to meet up or have an informal no-obligation chat regarding your requirements and my services.

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